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Team Food Drive: Showing Appreciation To The People Of South Africa

Abby Hasleham
3 min read

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Centrasyte decided to step-up and take the responsibility to donate to, and serve with a local South African non-profit company, Fullstop Foundation.

Fullstop Foundation aims to bring value to the undervalued in the community and believes that providing a meal to someone not only fills their need for hunger, but places a smile on their faces.

Centrasyte donated 200 lunch packages and as a team we prepared and handed out these lunches to workers and people in need in and around our community.

This was very special for us as a team. Due to the covid pandemic people in South Africa have found it very difficult to sustain a living, but despite the low paying jobs and struggles faced the people we encountered and shared lunch with were full of joy regardless of their circumstances. 

Although we had to keep a social distance and wear masks throughout this food drive, it didn’t stop us from being able to connect to the individuals we encountered.

Not only was this a great team building experience, but it also helped to strengthen the lives of others.

What Happened At The Lunch Drive

We started our morning off bright and early. As a team we began to cut-out special notes, open brown recyclable paper bags and started to fill them with a cold drink, packet of crisps and a homemade pie. Once the brown paper bags were packed we sealed them closed with a loving note.

After ALL 200 lunch packages were prepared we loaded up our cars and went to our surrounding areas and shared these lunches with security guards and workers waiting for work on the streets and some other blue collared workers.

This day was truly all about showing our appreciation to those in the community, who are perhaps overlooked and undervalued in society. This drive was a great success and a lot of fun! We look forward to our next outreach project and really enjoyed collaborating with Fullstop Foundation.

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